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//Skaramagas Hospital

Skaramagas Hospital

Question for written answer E-000512-19 to the Commission

Rule 130
Theodoros Zagorakis (PPE)

Subject: Skaramagas Hospital
The decision to relocate the residents of the former Skaramagas Hospital caused unbelievable suffering and tragic living conditions for many children with autism, mental-health problems and chronic disabilities.

In its West Attica branch (former Department of Infectious Diseases), where most of the children were relocated after the Skaramagas Hospital was shut down, living conditions remain wretched, with extreme shortages in logistical infrastructure and lack of specialised medical and nursing staff. As the children’s parents and relatives report, there have been several incidents of injuries and infections due to the tragic conditions prevailing in the institution. Furthermore, outdated practices are still being used (e.g. immobilisation straps).

Can the Commission say:

Is it aware of the tragic situation in this Greek State institution? And, if so, what action does it intend to take?

Has this institution received European funds?

How does it assess the state of infrastructure in institutions for people with disabilities in Greece?

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